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See the best mortgage rates out there today, and compare the true cost of different mortgages. This tool will show you the top rates, but can't tell you if you’re eligible for them – our experts can check that for you later.

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The total price of the property, including the deposit amount. If you're not sure, an estimate is fine – you can always check back here again when you've found a place


Fixed rate: your interest rate (ie what you pay each month) is guaranteed over a fixed period of time, and won't change.

Variable rate: your interest rate could go up or down, so what you pay each month could change. During the initial period, you get a discount on your variable rate.

Rate type

For the first few years of your mortgage, you'll get a lower than standard interest rate. Think of it like an introductory offer from your lender. You can set how long this lasts here.

Mortgage term

The total length of your loan – how many years you'll take to pay back your mortgage.


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