We're proud to announce that Habito is now a B Corp. That means we’ve made a legal commitment to put people and planet on the same level as profit.

B Corps are a community of companies using the power of business to make the world a better place. We join the likes of Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, WeTransfer and more than 3,000 others around the world.

To get certified as a B Corp, companies have to:

  • Show they’re doing good not just for their customers and people, but for their community and the environment
  • Pledge to keep doing better by officially making social and environmental responsibilities a core part of their business

How it all started

When we first started Habito, we were so focused on figuring out what our customers needed and trying to build an amazing product that we weren’t thinking about our broader effect on the world.

That changed as the months went by. We put empathy at the heart of our culture, and made it the starting point of everything we did. We looked outwards – asking how our business could better support our community and the environment.

That’s when we came across B Corp. This was our chance to examine our business through the lens of impact, and make a meaningful commitment to people and planet. The goal is to use the power of business to solve social and environmental challenges and make the world a better place. We want to be a company that does good in the world and it’s something that everyone at Habito cares deeply about.

Crunch time

The B Corp team put us through one hell of an assessment. We laid everything bare: what we pay our people, how we run our business, our carbon footprint. The team scored us on each of those things and more.

Here’s how the scoring works. To become a certified B Corp, you need to get 80 out of a possible 200 points. Most companies score between 40 and 100 points.

It’s a scoring system designed for the long haul – the idea is you commit to real, long term improvements and work your way up the scale. You get inspected again every three years, to higher standards each time.

We scored 83 – a strong start, but we’re rolling up our sleeves for the work ahead. You can dive into our assessment here.

Mission not accomplished

Getting the actual certification is only the beginning. We’ve learnt a lot just by going through the assessment process. We’ve discovered areas we need to improve and started thinking about our priorities for making an impact in the future.

B Corp isn’t a “well done” sticker. It recognises our intent to have a real impact on the world. It’s our pledge to do better.