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The future of mortgages is here

Up to 7x borrowing. Instant certainty. Longer fixed terms. Faster offers.

Borrow up to 7x income

Help your customers buy their dream home, sooner, and without having to compromise. See who’s eligible.

Be more certain with Habito Instant Decision

We’ve replaced uncertain DIPs with our Instant Decision, a more sophisticated approval check that doesn’t sacrifice speed.

Get an offer in days, and apply more easily online

Welcome to the fastest, smoothest application process ever. Our simple online platform makes it easy.

Habito One

A future-proof, ultra flexible long-term fixed rate mortgage

Guaranteed rate and repayments for the full length of the mortgage – up to 40 years

Your customers could borrow up to 7 times their income

Product options with or without early repayment fees: choose how much flexibility you want.

Choose a mortgage with no exit fees - freedom to leave whenever, with no penalty

More about Habito One
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Setting you free from admin hell

  • Get a direct line to our underwriters, and hear back fast

    Reach out directly to our experts to get answers straight from the source. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Choose from our wide range of partner solicitors and surveyors

    Take your pick from our extensive panel of solicitors and surveyors. Plus, we’ll instruct your valuation same-day.

  • Do it all online, without the back-and-forth

    Apply online through the Habito Portal. We ask for everything we think we’ll need up front, so there’s no delays and no games of email tag.

Instant decision, more certainty

A Habito Instant Decision isn’t a typical decision in principle. We run our full lending policy up front – without sacrificing time to approval. That means far more certainty for you and your client.

Decision in principle
Instant Decision
Basic affordability checkIncludedIncluded
Basic credit checkIncludedIncluded
Comprehensive affordability & credit checksNot includedIncluded
Comprehensive eligibility checkNot includedIncluded
Automated property valuationNot includedIncluded
Identity checkNot includedIncluded

Get an instant decision with Habito

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