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Our eligibility criteria

We’ve opened up our buy-to-let mortgage range to more people. No silly criteria or catch-outs, just the important stuff.

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The important stuff

Stressed rates of 5.5% for <5 year terms and product rate for terms of 5 years and above

ICR of 125% for lower rate tax payers and all Company BTL, 140% for higher rate tax payers

1 satisfied CCJ (less than £250) in the last 13-36 months

Property values from £50k and above

Who’s eligible? We’ve opened it up

Open to all, including self-employed, first-time, retired and older landlords

Get a mortgage with a deposit as low as 25%

No minimum income for first time landlords up to 75% LTV

You only need to show 3 months of employment history

No additional restrictions for ex-local authority properties

No discrimination against landlords with tenants on benefits

Portfolio and company buy-to-let available

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