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We work with a closed list of mortgage clubs and networks: L&G, Dynamo for Intermediaries, and Connect. If you’re a member of any of these, we’re currently making our way through their lists and registering brokers as fast as we can. If we haven’t gotten to you yet, fill out this form to let us know and we’ll try to fast-track you!

If you’re not a member of L&G, Dynamo for intermediaries, or Connect, but would still like to join our panel, you can get in touch with any of them to become a member. If you’re not interested in doing that, but you’d still like to work with us, use this form to let us know – this helps us gauge interest and let us know who to partner with next.

We’ll run a few checks, and if everything looks good, we’ll set you up with a broker account where you can access our intermediaries portal.

The cashback payment will be made to the eligible customer’s bank account within 30 days of completion in accordance with Habito’s cashback terms and conditions.

Proc fee payments will be made by the end of the first week that follows the calendar month of completion. For example, for a completion on 15 October 2020, the proc fee will be paid by 6 November 2020.

We're now accepting applications up to 75% LTV. As soon as we start accepting higher LTVs again, we'll update this page.

Physical valuations
We've restarted physical valuations in England and Wales, following government guidelines to keep these as safe as possible.

Offer validity
Our offers are valid for 90 days. If you’d like to extend that period, we might ask you for more documents – like a more recent credit report – or we might run a new automated valuation. We might also ask you to redo underwriting in full.

Habito is a new type of lender. We’re out to change mortgages forever by using technology to make getting a mortgage faster, simpler and more certain – for customers and for brokers.

We use automated checks to speed up our underwriting process and a valuation is instructed on the same day that an application is submitted – which means we can aim to get to offer in less than 10 days.

You can find our rate table here.

We’ve given the typical decision in principle an upgrade – a Habito Instant Decision is everything a decision in principle is, but more accurate and more certain. We run all of our lending rules upfront which makes it more thorough and more certain from the outset, without having to do a hard credit check.

Decision in principleHabito Instant Decision
Basic affordability checkIncludedIncluded
Basic credit checkIncludedIncluded
Comprehensive affordability and credit checksNot includedIncluded
Comprehensive eligibility checkNot includedIncluded
Automated property valuationNot includedIncluded
Identity checkNot includedIncluded

If you’re on our panel, you can run an Instant Decision before you submit an application by logging in.

Once you pass Instant Decision (congrats!), you'll be able to submit a full application with confidence.

Read about and download our lending criteria here.

Download our affordability calculator here.

If you're on our panel, you can submit an application through our portal by entering the login token you were given (if you've forgotten your token, let us know at

Once you're logged in, you can get started by running an Instant Decision:

  1. Choose the product you're applying for - we can be found in popular sourcing systems like Mortgage Source by 27Tec and Trigold by IRESS
  2. Fill out and run our Instant Decision form
  3. Add in a few more details, and pay any product or valuation fees that apply
  4. Submit your application
  5. Finally, send over the required documents using the link provided in the portal - we'll tell you what specific documents we require

That's it!

  • Our customer information pack which contains our T&Cs, tariff of charges, Direct Debit guarantee, complaints procedure and privacy notice. The Customer Information Pack must be given to customers at the point of mortgage application submission.
  • Our gifted deposit form which needs to be filled out if a customer has a gifted deposit.
  • Our portfolio checker which allows you to check that applicant(s)' portfolio schedule is within policy.
  • Our Direct Debit mandate - the direct debit details for the applicant(s) can be filled out in this form or provided over the phone

We will tell you exactly what documents we required when you submit an application, and provide you with a link to upload these. Please do not include customer information or documents in emails to us.

For Portfolio applications, you will need to fill out our portfolio checker which allows you to check that the applicant(s)' portfolio schedule is within policy.

Once you have collected this information, you can start an application by selecting portfolio as the application type.

Please phone our intermediaries team on 0330 818 0355 or email us at and we’ll try and get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Please email or call our intermediaries team on 0330 818 0355.

We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

All our fees are refundable, but only up to certain points in the process.

Valuation fee: refundable until the valuation happens. Once the valuation is done, we can’t refund this. Note that if you want to cancel the valuation, we’ll need at least 24 hours’ notice.

Product fee and funds transfer fee: refundable until completion. After your customer completes, we can’t refund these fees.

We aim to get your client to offer in less than 10 days and will keep you updated as the case progresses but if you have any questions or issues, please contact us at or call our intermediaries team on 0330 818 0355.

Any documents can be uploaded via the link provided. Please don’t include customer information or documents in emails.

We are working hard to build case tracking functionality into our portal and this will be available very soon.

Copies of the mortgage illustration and offer will be sent to both you and your client.

We are working on building functionality that will allow you to access all documents issued at offer through our portal. This will be available very soon.

Our solicitor panel can be found here.

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