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Fix your monthly mortgage
payments for life. Leave any time
with no exit fee.

Get a Habito One mortgage
Get a Habito One mortgage
  • Your monthly payments will never change

  • Total flexibility to move, switch or pay off your mortgage early

  • Your interest rate is locked in forever

  • Never deal with the hassle of remortgaging again

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  • It’s time for something new

    Habito One is the UK's only mortgage with a price that's guaranteed for the whole term – right until you finish paying it off.

    Too many people on 2 or 5 year fixed rates are trapped in a cycle of remortgage admin, fees, and stress. Habito One is a better, fairer mortgage that puts you in control.

  • The freedom to do more

    With most mortgages, you get almost no flexibility. There’s a fee for almost anything sensible you might want to do. Want to move home but keep the same mortgage? There’s a fee for that. Want to use a bonus or inheritance to pay a chunk of your mortgage off in one go? There’s a fee for that too.

    Habito One gives you freedom and flexibility unlike any other mortgage:

    • No exit fees. Leave or switch deals anytime you want.
    • No early repayment charges. Pay off your mortgage early, with no penalties.
    • Take your mortgage with you if you move home.
  • Lock in a low rate now, forever

    How long should you fix your mortgage deal for? Right now, interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in decades. So do you go for a 2 year fixed deal, and hope that by the time you have to switch again, interest rates will still be low? Or do you fix for longer, but trap yourself in an inflexible mortgage deal?

    With Habito One you don’t have to choose between the safety of locking in your rate and the flexibility to move if you find something you like better. Your rate is protected for life, but you still have the freedom to leave or switch whenever you want.

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