Free but focused: How we work

We’re not going to be small forever – but we are planning to be fast, nimble, productive, excited about our work, and proud of our teams forever.

We’ll do it by following four principles about the way we work. Unite those with a culture as strong as ours, and you become unstoppable.


We put enough structure in place so we all feel safe and supported, but keep the flexibility to adapt to any situation or challenge. That’s reflected in the way we work – business divisions are dedicated to long-term objectives, while small cross-functional crews and teams move quickly and with laser focus on achieving particular objectives. It gives us a confident foundation for the future that frees us to take risks and experiment.

Free to be creative

You can’t be creative if you’re tied up in bureaucracy. We give our teams tangible, measurable goals, then trust them to do incredible work without tying them up in red tape. Our crews are autonomous: we’re all driven by a shared vision, but no-one tells us how to get there. We decide. We also make sure our teams are a mix of multiple perspectives – designers, engineers, product owners. That creates better solutions.


The people making decisions should be the people closest to customers, with actual experience of what our customers go through. We make sure everyone at Habito has a chance to go through our journey the way customers would, and sit with our operations team to build empathy and gain insights into what our customers need. We test and check things with our customers to find the solution that works for them, rather than the one we think will work for them.

Aligned, not all the same

We all share a mission, vision, and values at Habito. We all look to the same objectives as a company. We have tangible, measurable goals to meet. But we each bring our own skills and ideas to the vision and draw on different approaches to make it happen. There’s more than one way to solve a problem. We don’t limit ourselves.