Our culture is built on four values

Empathise with purpose

Understanding unites us and makes us strong.

Empathy directs both what we build and how we build it.

We see empathy as a strategic tool, our critical competitive edge. It shows us what our customers need – be it something measurable like a fast process, or more subtle like emotional security. What our customers need become our goals as a business.

And because we’re all united for the customer, we’re bound together as a team and trust that we’re on the same side. That frees us to have daring ideas and push and challenge each other. That’s how we do our best work.

“I cannot believe how friendly, professional, efficient, reassuring and helpful the whole team is at Habito.”


Build better things

Our ideal product = our customer’s ideal experience.

We don’t build things based on what capacity we have now. We build for our biggest goals and evolve fearlessly to meet them.

We build for customers, not our egos. We build some things we know are vital – but that our customers will never see. We always choose a simple, elegant solution over a showy, complex one.

Sometimes, building better things means choosing not to build. We’re not afraid of ideas from the outside and take the best of other companies and disciplines. Just as we share our own ideas with other companies to build better things together.

“Great use of tech, and fantastic humans at the important points! Great user experience upfront… then handed over to knowledgeable, friendly staff to deal with the nitty gritty.”


Be 100% responsible

Your loss is my loss. My win is your win.

We take on personal responsibility, in both the small and the huge. We don't leave ringing phones unanswered. We never leave a teammate to struggle alone. We actively look for ways to help each other succeed.

We welcome debate and dissent that pushes us to be better. No question is off limits. And no answer should be secret.

We commit to being 100% responsible in every interaction with everyone: customer, teammate, or agency partner. We hope this inspires everyone and every business we work with to do the same.

"The support offered by every member of the team has been exceptional to say the least, their commitment to act on my behalf is second to none."


Have backbone

Fearless in everything: from speaking up, to backing down, to shaking a whole industry.

We're taking the largest, longest-standing, most complex financial service structures in the world... and turning them upside-down. This is not for the faint-hearted. To do it we need backbone, and lots of it.

Having backbone means speaking up – both when you disagree with something, and when you make a mistake. It’s the courage to stand by your convictions and the strength of character to listen, learn and change your mind.

It’s our commitment to each other that’s the backbone of this company.

“Patrick fought for my application like a tiger!!!”



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