Habito's cookie notice

We use cookies to keep our website running, provide customer support, learn how people are using our website and improve our services. Here’s more about what that actually means.

What is a cookie? 🍪

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your browser and computer (or whatever device you’re using to visit).

It’s like the website writes a reminder on a tiny, virtual post it note, and sticks it onto you. That note might be something like: “This person has a teddy bear in their shopping basket” or “This person wants to stay logged in.”

Cookies are how websites seem to magically remember who you are. When you go back to a website, it checks your computer for the cookies it left there – reminding itself who you are, what pages you’ve visited, the account settings you chose, things like that.

Almost everything you do on the internet involves cookies in some way. Here's more about cookies and how they work.

The cookies we use: a detailed breakdown

First party cookies (cookies set on Habito’s website)

Type of Cookie Cookies we use What these cookies do
Strictly necessary
  • authFlows_logoutContinuation
  • habito%2Ftoken
  • intercom-session-gglb3xso
  • intercom-id-gglb3xso
Essential to keep our website running on a basic level. They log you into your account and live chat, and help you make payments for some of our services.
  • amplitude_id_*
  • cookieconsent_status
Recognise you when you return to our website, so we can do things like remember your preferences from last time.
User identification facebook.com Shows you ads on Facebook and other sites, tells us which ad you came to the website from and how you used the site once you’re here. We use this information to make the website and future ads more relevant to you (for example, showing you information about remortgages rather than buy-to-let mortgages).
Analytics, performance and research
  • Google Analytics
  • optimizelyEndUserId
Recognise and count how many visitors we get and how they use our website. This helps us improve the way the website works – for example, making pages easier to find.

All the cookies we use play a part in fraud detection, prevention and investigation to help us keep our users secure. For example, cookies can help us identify if someone has accessed an account that doesn’t belong to them, and show us how they used that account.

Third party cookies (generated by other organisations, not Habito)

We integrate a few other services into our website – for example, we use a service called Hotjar to generate pop up surveys for us.

These services might use cookies of their own. You can read their privacy policies here:

You can turn off cookies

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can decline some or all non-essential cookies if you want to. Check the settings on your browser and whatever device you’re using to visit the website. Or search “how to turn off cookies”.

If you do block cookies, that might mean you won’t be able to access some parts of our website (or any of it).

Page last updated: 23 August 2021
We’re reviewing our use of non-essential cookies, and we’ll update this page and our cookie banner as soon as we have any changes.