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Habito Plus is our complete service for every aspect of home-buying.

We take the hassle of buying off your shoulders. We help you sort the property survey, the mortgage, the legal work – everything you need.

There's never been an easier way to buy.

  • Expert support the whole way

    You’ll get your own team to help you with every aspect of buying a home.

  • Legal work and surveys, sorted

    Done to the highest standard - and in days, rather than weeks.

  • You’re in control

    No last-minute rush to find a solicitor. No unexpected costs. Everything you need is in place from the start.

See how Plus could help you

Answer a few quick questions to see what Plus could do for you, and make sure it’s right for you.

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No problem! Are you planning to buy in England or Wales?

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Do you have a solicitor in mind?You’ll need to hire either a solicitor or conveyancer before you buy. Their job is to do all the legal work – like drawing up the contracts and transferring money to the seller. Solicitor costs vary but generally fall anywhere between £1,500–£4,000.

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Do you think you’ll want a property survey?This is an inspection of the property that shows you any problems before you buy (for example, damp). It means no nasty surprises or unexpected repairs when you move in.

Breaking down the benefits

Property survey, sorted

This is an inspection of your property that tells you if there’s any problems with it. It means you know exactly what you’re buying.

We help you sort a property survey, and get it done fast. If we do find problems, we help you figure out next steps.

All the legal work you need

We’ve heard too many stories from buyers whose solicitor was inefficient or way too expensive for the service they got.

We won’t let conveyancing get in your way. With Plus, you get a conveyancer to do all the legal work for you – that’s property searches, drawing up the contracts, transferring the money to the seller. With no hassle to you.

The best possible mortgage

We search every mortgage in the UK to get you the best deal out of 20,000 different options. Then we do all the hard work and paperwork to apply for you. It’s the fastest, easiest mortgage you’ll ever experience.

Our partners

We work with excellent legal and surveyor partners to bring you Plus.

  • Juno
  • White Horse Surveyors
  • The Partnership Property Solicitors
  • Quantum

What about the fee?

Our fee starts at £2,000. (It depends on the property price, but the average is £2,400.)

Great value

We’ve teamed up with excellent legal and surveying partners, and negotiated great rates on their services for you.

Pay in two parts

Once you've found a property, you pay an initial payment of £999 - we use that to book in your property survey and conveyancer. Then you pay a final part when you complete.

If things go wrong, we’ve got you

If your purchase falls through for any reason, you can use part of your initial fee for the next property.

Done in one, with no surprise costs

The Plus fee covers all your survey and legal costs, so you won’t have to worry about paying those on top. It also gets you our support through the whole process of buying. One fee, and you’re set.

The fee includes:

Property survey

worth £400 - £1,500

All your conveyancing and legal work

worth £1,400 - £2,200

Finding and securing you the best mortgage

The support of our team, the whole way

How it works, step by step

Had an offer accepted on a property? Let's begin!

Step 1
We find you the best mortgage
We search 20,000 deals to find the best one for you
Step 2
Mortgage application sent!
Pay the initial Plus fee
Pay your initial fee, which we'll use to book in your property survey and set you up with your conveyancer
Step 3
We kick off the legal work
Your conveyancer will sort out legal checks and draw up the contracts
Step 4
We sort your property survey
Your surveyor will get you a comprehensive report on your future home, so you know the exact value of what you’re buying
Step 5
You’ve got the property!
Pay the final part of your fee
Now you're all set

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