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About us

You shouldn’t have to go through hell to buy a home. We’re here to make it simple.

Habito sorts your whole mortgage for you, from start to finish.

We’re the UK’s largest online mortgage broker. We guide you through the whole process, all the way to getting the keys or remortgaging. And because we're paid by lenders, it's free.

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We’re more than a comparison site

A comparison site shows you lots of deals, but doesn’t tell you if you can actually get them, and leaves you to apply by yourself. We both find and get your mortgage, and guide you all the way to getting the keys.

We’re better than your bank

A bank only shows you its own mortgage deals, which might not be the cheapest. We search the whole market: 20,000+ mortgages from 90+ lenders, to find you the best possible deal.

We’re a new kind of broker

A traditional broker makes you wait for an appointment, and usually charges up to £500. We’re 100% free, because we’re paid by lenders, and 100% online, so you can chat to us when it suits you. Get your mortgage from bed, if you want.

Apply for and track your mortgage, all in one place

Your Habito dashboard is your one-stop mortgage hub. Chat to your expert, upload supporting documents, and watch the progress of your application – in one spot. No diary stress, no piles of paperwork.

With Habito, you get a team of experts who work for you

Your mortgage expert

Once you’ve told us the basics, you’ll get your own mortgage expert, who’s there to find you the best deal possible. They’ll listen to what you need, and help you make sense of the thousands of options out there.

Meet Emily, mortgage expert

“My friends and family find my job very handy. They love to pick my mortgage brain whenever and wherever! Sunday lunch, in a taxi, on a night out…”

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Your case manager

When you’re ready to apply, a case manager takes your application to the finish line. They’ll chase the bank for updates, answer their follow-ups, and generally fight your corner, keeping you in the loop the whole way.

Richmal leads our team of case managers

“If you ask my mum what I do, she’d have absolutely no idea! She knows what a mortgage is, and knows that I do something to make them happen for people… that’s about as far as it goes.”

Read: a day in the life of Richmal

Our story

Back in 2016, we created Habito to end mortgage hell forever. No more paperwork, jargon or misinformation. No more stress. It all started when our founder Dan tried to buy a house… and it all went a bit wrong.

How it all began: read more
Rethinking mortgages from the ground up

We’re out to transform mortgages – that means being more than just a broker. We’ve created brand new services and mortgages ourselves, designed from scratch, to solve the problems people tell us they have with mortgages today.

We've launched our own buy-to-let mortgages

  • Get an Instant Decision
  • Buy with a 20% deposit
  • Fix your rate for longer
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Get ahead of the pack with the power of cash

Habito Go turns you into a cash buyer, so you can secure the home you want, fast, with your strongest possible offer. Negotiate a big discount on the property price and get insider tips through bidding wars and beyond.

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See what people are saying

Wow, how easy was that? I can’t recommend this service enough... it’s been the easiest remortgage I’ve ever done. First class in all respects.
Warren14 April 2019
Ace platform. I sat in bed the whole time.
Philip19 January 2019
A couple of years ago we spent ~£700 on an independent mortgage adviser. We feel we've got an even better service from Habito... and it hasn't cost us a penny!
Dave8 July 2019
Such an easy way to renew your mortgage! The whole process was so simple from start to finish and I didn't actually have to do any paperwork myself.
John2 August 2019
So refreshing that I can sort out a mortgage with a live chat in between answering my work emails.
S Mould31 January 2019
The best customer service. I used Habito for my first remortgage after my fixed term was due to end. Habito saved me £350 on my rates and made my experience less stressful.
Lizzie22 October 2019
I basically told them what I need and they did all the work for me.
Mr D28 March 2019
Super easy to use, at least 5-10x faster than traditional methods. Do it now.
AS5 September 2019
Habito makes the impossible possible.
J25 March 2019
Wow! The team at Habito have gone above and beyond in helping me get a mortgage. As a first time buyer, it's a daunting process, but I felt really comfortable throughout.
Sar17 April 2019
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