Talent privacy policy

The purpose of this policy (“talent GDPR policy”) is to set out the principles governing the use of personal information that we may obtain about a person applying for a job role at Habito (a “candidate”). The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation that aims to protect EU residents’ personal data and rights to privacy, in particular how data is collected and processed. For ease and transparency, our talent GDPR policy covers a number of key areas, but if there are any additional queries, please do reach out to our talent team at [email protected].

What candidate data does Habito hold?

Upon application through Habito’s careers page, a jobs board, LinkedIn, advertising or direct approach, or by any other means, Habito will retain a candidate’s CV and/or profile and any subsequent scribed notes (“relevant data”).

Why does Habito use personal data?

At Habito, we use personal data to help us screen candidates and assess their suitability to progress to the next stage in the talent process. We will keep candidate data for talent purposes only.

Where does Habito store candidate data and who has access to it?

We store candidate data on our applicant tracking system (Workable) or internally within the Habito environment and share this data with Habito’s hiring team.

How long will candidate data be stored for?

This will depend upon the progression of a candidate’s application:

How does Habito advertise job roles?

Habito’s talent team uses a number of talent channels including Habito’s careers page, LinkedIn, recruitment portals, agencies, direct advertising and headhunting. Upon application or direct approach, a candidate’s relevant data will be retained and stored for a period of 6 months, following which it will be deleted in its entirety.

How does a candidate access their relevant data and can the data be rectified?

Subject to the timelines detailed above, a candidate can email Habito’s talent team at any time ([email protected]) and request access to all relevant data. This may take up to 30 working days. No fee will be charged. A request may be made by a candidate to Habito’s talent team for their data to be corrected if there are any inaccuracies. This will be actioned by the talent team within 1 month of receiving the candidate’s request.

Does a candidate have the “right to be forgotten”?

An unsuccessful candidate has the right at any time to ask Habito’s talent team to delete and/or stop processing their personal data. This request will be actioned by Habito within 1 month of receiving the candidate’s request.