Habito has done some research into how you feel about Halloween and the results are cuter than a pug dressed as pumpkin. Talking of which, we also asked Ray Villafane (king of the pumpkin carve) to produce a killer piece, and he didn’t disappoint.

The spooky stats

A sense of community plays a big part in making a property feel like home - in fact, 2 in 5 people say a vibrant community would make them more inclined to move somewhere. But what’s Halloween got to do with it?

1 in 5 people see Halloween as a chance to build a sense of community and feel like putting a pumpkin on your doorstep does just that. Over a third of people think a house with a pumpkin is approachable for trick or treating and 42% said it makes tiny witches and wizards (local kids) feel safe. 

Almost half of the nation will be celebrating Halloween this year, and while 32% admit that themed sugary treats will be the main event (quite rightly), a whopping 25% will be putting their pumpkin carving skills to the test and perching their masterpieces outside their homes. 

Knowing that pumpkin lanterns give people that warm, fuzzy, community feeling, Habito's all for it. 

The pumpkin carving master

To celebrate Halloween this year and to inspire communities to get carving, we enlisted the help of pumpkin carving wizard, Ray Villafane.

Hailed ‘the Michelangelo of pumpkin carving’ by Martha Stewart and famed for spooking up The Whitehouse (yes, as in Washington DC), we are totally psyched that he agreed to show us how it’s done. 

Gnarly, right? He even answered a few of our questions here.

Once you’re done admiring his work, enjoy getting back to planning that costume, carving that pumpkin and consuming all of the sugar ever.