EPCs, yawn. They aren’t the most inspiring read, but this rainbow coloured firecracker might yield the power to cut UK carbon emissions by up to 6%.

Residential homes contribute a whopping 20% to the UK’s carbon emissions and EPCs are our only way to measure how energy efficient properties are. So, if you’re keen to have a positive impact, make this little certificate your new best friend.

EPC superpowers

59% of UK homes have an EPC of D or lower but momentum is increasing to make the nation’s ageing housing stock more efficient. Our latest research shows just how worthwhile this mission is. 

If all homes with an EPC rating of D were improved to achieve a rating of C, CO2 emissions in England and Wales could be slashed by more than 5 million tonnes per year. That’s 6% of all household emissions, cutting the total contribution from 20% to 14%.

Let’s hear that a little louder for the people in the back. 

That’s 6% of all household emissions, cutting the total from 20% to 14%.

This stat bangs, but, like most awesome things in life, achieving this reduction will take some major work.

EPC hurdles

Not many people know how energy efficient their homes are. In fact, our research revealed that EPCs are a bit of a black hole:

  • 42% of people have never heard of EPCs
  • 41% have, but don’t know their own rating
  • 12% have a rough idea of their EPC rating
  • Only 6% know their precise EPC rating

Awareness is key to getting this ball rolling, so find your home’s EPC rating and recommended eco improvements here - all you need is your postcode.

The second problem is the cost involved with improving an EPC from D to C. We worked out that it’ll look something like this:

  • Properties under 55m² - up to £3,653
  • Properties under 100m² - up to £6,400
  • Properties from 100-200m - up to £12,540

These figures aren’t loose change, and we’re working on a couple of things to help you out. 

  • We’re calling for collaboration between our industry and the government to create realistic finance solutions for ecorefurbs
  • We’re adapting our tech to surface green mortgages for customers

Read about our call to arms at COP26 here, and dig a little deeper into the issue around affordability here.