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Almost time to remortgage? Use our handy remortgage calculator to find out how much you could save with another deal.

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New mortgage: find your first mortgage, or an additional mortgage for another property.

Remortgage: see if you can get a better rate, or borrow more, on a mortgage you already have.

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If you’re applying with someone else, include theirs too. This means all types of income you get in a year: from bonuses, to overtime, to rental income.


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The amount you have saved for a deposit.


Fixed rate: your interest rate (which affects what you pay each month) is guaranteed over a fixed period of time, and won't change.

Variable rate: your interest rate could go up or down, so what you pay each month could change. During the initial period, you get a discount on your variable rate.

Rate type

For the first few years of your mortgage, you'll get a lower than standard interest rate. Think of it like an introductory offer from your lender. You can set how long this lasts here.

Mortgage term

The total length of your loan - how many years you'll take to pay back your mortgage.


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How this remortgage calculator works

Just tell us a few things about your current mortgage, like what you’re paying each month and what you have left to pay overall.

The calculator automatically updates, so give it a second, then it will show you how much you could save each month if you remortgage.

We’ll also show you a few real remortgage deals, so you can start to get a sense of what your new mortgage could actually look like.

After that, the next step is to talk to one of our mortgage experts, who’ll sort your remortgage for free.

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