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Get your own buyer's agent & boost your negotiating power

  • Get the best property price

    Your buyer’s agent will negotiate for you – or guide you through negotiations, if you prefer to do it yourself.

  • Outsmart other buyers

    Use our property price data and buying expertise to buy smarter – and at the best price.

  • Legal work & surveys, sorted

    We’ll sort all your legal work, property survey and mortgage. Everything you need to buy.

What does a buyer's agent actually do?

Sellers get estate agents to fight for them – why shouldn’t you get someone on your side too? Your Go specialist represents you and fights for you through the buying process.

Ahmet is one of our buyer’s agents

Ahmet, a Habito Go buyer's agent
It's their job to:
  • Make you look good to the seller
  • Negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible price for the property
  • Be on call days, evenings and weekends to answer your questions
  • Level the playing field between you and the seller so you feel powerful, not powerless

Your legal work and mortgage, sorted

Once you’ve had an offer accepted on your property, we’ll sort all the admin of buying for you. We handle the property survey, the mortgage, and all the legal work. We work with excellent legal and surveyor partners to do this.

  • Juno
  • White Horse Surveyors
  • The Partnership Property Solicitors
  • Quantum

What about the fee?

Our fee starts at £2,500. (It depends on the property price, but the average is £2,900).

Pay in two parts

To get started, you pay an initial payment of £999 – we use that to book in your property survey and conveyancer. Then you pay a final part when you complete.

If things go wrong, we’ve got you

If your purchase falls through for any reason, you can use part of your initial fee for the next property.

Done in one, with no surprise costs

The fee covers all your survey and legal costs, so you won’t have to worry about paying those on top.

The fee includes:

Property survey

worth £400 - £1,500

All your legal work

worth £1,400 - £2,200

A buyer's agent to negotiate on your behalf

Finding and securing you the best mortgage

The support of our team, the whole way

See if you’re eligible for Go

Just answer 5 questions about you and the property you want to buy. If you’re eligible, you can book a chat with an expert. Don’t have a property in mind yet? Just answer based on what you’re planning to buy.

1 of 5
Is this the first home you're buying, and are you planning to live in it?
2 of 5
Is the property in England or Wales?
3 of 5
Is the property new build, or part of a scheme like Help to Buy or shared ownership?
4 of 5
Do you earn £30,000 or more a year?If you’re applying with someone else, do you earn £30,000 in total between the two of you?
5 of 5
Do you have the right to live and work in the UK?

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We handle all your buying admin – your property survey, legal work, mortgage, everything.