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We’re no longer just a broker

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Mortgages have barely changed in decades. The process is slow, complicated and full of broken promises. And too many people are excluded.

We’re changing that.

Habito has already transformed the way mortgage advice is done, letting you get a mortgage all online, and for free. But setting people free from the hell of mortgages is about more than making the advice better. It’s about transforming the mortgages themselves.

So Habito is no longer just a broker. We’re creating brand new mortgages to solve real world problems. Like needing a huge deposit, or being told you’re too old to apply.

From now on, Habito will bring you the best advice, and the best mortgages, all on one platform.

We’re launching with an innovative range of buy-to-let mortgages. But it’s only the beginning.

Redesigning mortgages: how we’re doing it

Mortgages are a problem. We set out to solve them. When Habito launched in 2015, we started with the process – giving customers the best possible experience of getting a mortgage.

In 2018, we got our lending licence from the FCA, and set out to solve the mortgages themselves, not just the experience around them.

This is something no-one has ever done before. To do it, we had to start from scratch.

Our engineers, product people, designers and researchers have spent the last 18 months working on a brand new lending platform, designed entirely around the customer.

We’ve automated more parts of the process than ever before. Our automatic fraud checks keep things safe for customers. Integrating our system with solicitors keeps everything transparent and reduces the amount of documents we need. Even when we do manual valuations, they’re then instructed automatically. And we’ve created an Instant Decision, powered by technology, that’s stronger than almost all lenders’ decisions in principle.

That minimises human error, makes the process much faster, and gives customers more certainty.

We’re launching with a range of buy-to-let mortgages, but it’s only the beginning. This is how all mortgages should be from now on. Designed to benefit customers, not the industry.

Habito is still a whole of market broker, here to get you the best deal from 20,000 mortgages

We’re still a whole of market broker. That means we’ll search 20,000 deals from more than 90 lenders to find your perfect deal. Our advice will always be unbiased and free.

The difference is that from now, if our technology suggests a Habito mortgage is the right choice for you, we’ll show you that option.

Our aim is to give people more, and better, choices. All done the Habito way – fast, efficient and totally transparent.

We’re supported by investors

We’re launching with the support of a leading financial institution, regulated by the FCA. Later on, we plan to work with lots of different investors to make sure we get our customers good deals and innovative mortgages. We have a lending licence from the FCA, and are fully regulated.

Lending and broking together:
how we keep it fair
  • We’ve formally separated our lending from our brokerage. And we’re fully licensed by the FCA to do both mortgage broking and lending.
  • Our algorithms only look at the specific features of mortgages to see which works best for you. They don’t take the providers into account.
  • Our mortgage experts get the same commission, no matter what mortgage they recommend.
  • Uniquely in the industry, when we recommend you a mortgage, we’ll show you our runners-up, ordered by true cost – the real cost of the mortgage over the deal period, with all fees and incentives included (a better measure of overall cost than interest rates alone). We’ll explain why we didn’t choose them – so you can see and challenge our thinking.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.